Importance of Statistics for Psychology Students

You need to study statistics for your psychology classes. If you are a psychology student then you have to learn statistics if you want to pass psychology with good marks. It is also very helpful for you in the future if you want to become a full time psychologist. There are many ways available to learn statistics. You can hire a statistics tutor for you to clear your doubts or you can also try tutoring statistics psychology.

But firstly you need to understand about the importance of statistics in general. Statistics is a process to collecting and analyzing and making decisions from data. So here are some reasons to study statistics especially while studying psychology.

Why is statistics important for psychology students?

In my opinion, this is the most common question asked by a psychology student. When you study psychology then you have to ask many questions from your subjects which need to be later analyzed via statistics. For example you may need to ask your subjects (thousands of them) to rate their favorite movie from #1 all the way to #5. What type of variable will be used?





All of the above

None of the above

Therefore if you possess knowledge of statistics then you can easily give answer of this question if you have no knowledge of statistics then you don’t have the answer. By learning statistics in psychology you can get many benefits in future also and you can make a good career as a psychologist via mastering statistics. Statistics can help psychologists in many ways. Some examples are here:-

(1) Organize your Data in a better Way

As a psychologist you may face big data every day. It is not very easy to describe big data if front of everyone. If you know statistics then you can easily present data by using graphs and pie charts and other methods in an easy way.

(2) You can describe your data very easily

As a psychologist you can have your choose your own field – educational, occupational and clinical. By using statistics you can easily describe the data you collect in the course of your profession. In the field of psychology this is called descriptive statistics. You can use it to explain how many men and women are employed in your area along with other problems. Once data is collected and treated you can make your conclusions based upon your data.

(3) Statistics is also very important in Research related to Psychology

When you tell a psychology student that statistics is an important subject in psychology then sometimes they were shocked to know that. But in future when they involve in psychological research then they realize the importance of learning statistics. So it is important to learn statistics for psychology students to become a good psychologist and researcher in future.

(4) Statistics can help you in achieving a good career in the future

As already stated in the article by studying statistics you can make a good career in psychology so you can use statistics to become a Clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, Educational psychologist and Forensic psychologist depends upon your interest and the opportunities available around you.

As a clinical psychologist your work is to identify the mental and emotional disorders and as a Forensic psychologist you need to work with criminal behavior as well as victims of crime. So when you start learning statistics then you need to focus on the every little thing to learn statistics in a good way.


Best 5 Tips to Study Statistics

Are you a student of statistics and facing problems when studying statistics? Before you make your decision to study statistics you need to know about what statistics is. Statistics is a part of mathematics, which is used for collecting and analyzing data. It used by the governments, political parties, social researchers, marketer and many more agencies. Many students face problems while learning statistics because they do not have regular and optimum study habits to learn statistics. Here are some tips for those who are facing problems in learning statistics:-

You need to Read carefully

When you start learning statistics then you need to read carefully. Reading a novel or a newspaper requires a different mindset however studying the concepts of statistics requires focus and full dedication to the subject. Thus while studying statistics you need to read carefully and understand each word. In statistics every little word means a lot and can play an important role in problems related to statistics that you are going to solve after going through the concepts. When your teacher teaches statistics in class then you need to listen very carefully. In the class you can learn many tough concepts of statistics that you do cannot learn somewhere else.

Try to solve as many problems as you can

In statistics it is very beneficial for you to try and solve as many problems as you can from your book and study guide. By doing this you can remember the hard to memorize statistical formulae easily. This also improves your skills to solve statistical problems to a great extent. You have to try yourself to solve all questions without any help. In the beginning it looks very difficult but after some time you will find that you can solve maximum statistics questions in a very short span of time without taking much help.

Complete your work on Time

When you study statistics then you should complete your work and assignments on time. Do not wait until the last minute to complete your work. If you take a long time to understand the question and to get your answers you will be unable to understand the most important valuable concepts. Thus it becomes very difficult to memorize statistics fundamentals at the last minute which leads to confusion and frustration. You can use Excel to make charts and graph.

Get Help When you Need

If you want to learn statistics then you have to be steady and strong. When you study statistics there are some problems that you are not able to solve. For this you should get some help from experts who can solve your problem. Tutoring Statistics is another way to get some help to solve your problems.

Learn from your Past Mistakes

When you start learning statistics then you surely made some small and big mistakes. You should learn from your past mistakes. You just need to try and solve these questions and find out what mistakes you made in them. By doing this you are making sure that do not repeat the same mistakes again and again. Statistics needs all your attention and hard work if you want to learn statistics.